D16 Group Fazortan
D16 Group Fazortan

Fazortan, Phaser Software from D16 Group.

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songboy 22/01/2010

D16 Group Fazortan : la opinión de songboy (content in English)


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There were no compatibility issues whatsoever.  I have not referenced the manual as this is a very simple device.  If you are familiar with a high end phaser pedal, rack or plugin, then there is nothing really new here.  Yes, the general configuration and setup is very simple.  There are two LFO's to mess with.  Each has a "Waveform" selection.  One comes with an offset feature that lets you sort of delay on of the LFO's for some interesting sounds.  Other than that, you have a "Stage" selection (2-8), a "Stereophase" knob, "feedback" and a Wet/Dry mix.  It are not familiar with a phaser with these options, no worries.  After using it for a few minutes, you will get a good grasp of the basic functions of each parameter.  All of the editable features are right on the front of the plugin so they are all very easily accessible. 


I use this plugin in Logic 9 and Ableton 8 on my Macbook.  It works great and sounds even better.  As with all D16 plugins, this thing works great.  No crashes and no custom presets have ever been lost.  Every time I pull a track up with this on it, its always the way I left it.  I give this plugin a 10 out of 10.  Enough options and parameters for a Phaser and its not hard to use as well as the presets are very helpful in getting you used to the overall function.  I have been using this plugin for around 5 months.


What I like about this plugin is the realistic "warm" phaser effects you get out of it.  You can get some very subtle phase for a "Rhodes" track or a little movement to spice up some drums, or you can get some out of this world, "spin your brain" sounds for some crazy rhythm guitar tracks or even some bizarre vocal effects.  Its very versatile and again, like all D16 plugins, sounds very realistic.  Nothing I don't like about this plugin.  I paid around $50 for this plugin.  I am very happy with that price.  You can't even buy a low budget BOSS Phaser for that and this plugin kicks the BOSS's butt.  Precision and quality is what I expect from D16, excellent.  I have used a couple of different Phaser's including built in plugins in both Logic 9 and Ableton 8 as well as hardware phasers such as Moog, Pigtronix and Boss.  No plugin will ever beat a Moogerfooger pedal, as well as pigtronix, they also are very high quality.  BOSS pedals generally suck in my opinion with a few exceptions (delay, tuner).  Yes, I would definitely buy this plugin again.  Its by far the best computer based phaser I have come acrossed.