MXR M110 Auto Phaser
MXR M110 Auto Phaser

M110 Auto Phaser, Phaser from MXR.

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moosers 29/04/2010

MXR M110 Auto Phaser : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The MXR M-110 Auto Phaser is a rare piece of outboard gear that is to be used in recording studios. It isn't made for any other sort of use and it is vertically rack mountable. I don't really know what kind of casing it was in at the professional where I used it, as it is certainly unique. The M-110 Auto Phaser is an analog piece of gear...


Right off the bat I found the MXR M-110 Auto Phaser easy to use. It's pretty straight ahead in terms of the parameters that it has to offer, although some of them aren't typical for a phaser. It's simply got three separate setting controls that includes manual, sweep frequency and sweep percentage, and overall mix level. It also has a button to put the effect in or out, but that's really all that there is to it. Finding a manual for the M-110 would be near impossible...


There is definitely a whole lot that you can do with the MXR M-110 Auto Phaser in terms of different sounds. It's awesome of getting full sweeping type effects, as well as for subtle phasing. I've used the M-110 on a few different applications within the same session. On one song I used it for lead vocals, which gave us a kind of haunting, Led Zeppelin reminiscent, type of sound. Here I used it more subtly, but then also used it widely on a previously recorded electric guitar part, which really added some spaciness and uniqueness to the sound. I definitely found this to be a versatile phaser, as much so as most phasers that I've used...


Getting your hands on an MXR M-110 Auto Phaser would definitely be a hard thing to do. This wasn't the type of gear that I sought out whatsoever - it just happened to be available in the studio where I was working at and we decided to give it a whirl - perhaps because it looked so cool! If you are able to try one of these out in a studio or do get your hands on one for your own studio, I think you'll be very happy that you got to experience with the M-110!