4Front TruePianos
4Front TruePianos

TruePianos, Piano Acústico Virtual from 4Front.

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stompboxjon 17/06/2012

4Front TruePianos : la opinión de stompboxjon (content in English)

"nice sounding pianos"

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The piano sounds that are from 4Front at first didn’t seem appealing to me because I was so use to using so many cheap plug in piano’s in my tunes. But once I really had the chance to listen into them solo before adding any other instruments to them I was amazed. They pianos are better than they are on almost any of my boards , and these is just a virtual instrument. One of the great things about it is that you can use it stand alone and don’t have to open up your sequencing software or daw to use it. So if you just want to mess around with the piano or even practice on your playing then you can just open it right up from your desktop and don’t need to have anything else open if you arent going to sequence what you play.

Very easy to install and its not that big of a vst at all. It only took a few minutes to load up and install and it hasn’t caused any problems or system errors yet. I do not use it that much just when I want some real true authentic piano’s in my recordings.

I think its great and its something that we should all have, if you are into using piano into your music you will want to get this but if you want to just have it to learn the piano or teach the piano or just play ten make sure yo have a great midi keyboard to use with it, because whats the point in having the piano sounds if it feels like your playing a toy piano from Toy’s R Us? You want a nice midi keyboard with after touch and some weight to the keys. Or even a full 88 key midi keyboard and 4 Front True Pianos you might feel like you are sitting at a baby grand. Its worh the buy.