4Front TruePianos
4Front TruePianos

TruePianos, Piano Acústico Virtual from 4Front.

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BeyondR 10/09/2012

4Front TruePianos : la opinión de BeyondR (content in English)

"Pretty Perfect."

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4Front TruePianos is a VST that simulates a deep piano sound.
What Do I like most about it, is the fact that it doesn't require an advanced installation and high cpu resources.

Another great feature of this program is that you can visually see the notes that are active, also the fact that you have different setups to choose what kind of sound you would like to incorporate in your mixes, a deeper, classical music kind of sound, or a lighter one, most found in pop/ rnb and hip-hop songs.

Another special thing about this product, is that all over the range provided by it, it sounds constant, on the market there are some piano vst that sound good only in high range, other just in lower ranges, and they would work great for basses, but in many cases you want a more fuller sound all over the ranges.

Precision and quality of the sounds is incredible, one of the few high-quality piano vst on the market, I enjoy working with this program and create a nice rich yet natural piano sounding.

This vst is used world wide , I have some friends that use it in their studios, it's easy to use, fast, provided great sounding and also doesn't require a very powerful machine, it's pretty perfect.

I've tried several models but I stuck with this, check it out, it's fast and has a nice tone.

Knowing what I know, I'm quite sure that I would make the same choice over and over again, because as I said, it provides a consistent quality of tone all over the range, the overtones sound good, even the diminished chords sound pretty natural which I never encountered in any type of piano vst. It's worth the money and even more, search for it and buy it.