4Front TruePianos
4Front TruePianos

TruePianos, Piano Acústico Virtual from 4Front.

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Wedges2 27/04/2011

4Front TruePianos : la opinión de Wedges2 (content in English)


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TruePianos is perfect for hip hop productions. I won't even say one bad thing about this product in this review. The CPU usage, the sound, the way it fits into hip hop productons, the versatily it has.

Basically 4Front TruePianos is a great tool to use for hip hop productions. It isn't as detailed as you'd like if your intrested in classical keys for movie scores but for me I don't even look at piano vst's anymore. There are 4 different pianos all with presets and individual controls so you can make your own. There is an option to determine the velocity curve which is great. Along with a reverb that is actually very good sounding with the pianos. I've used all 4 pianos in my beats even though they sound very muuch different from each other. They all have their uses.

The CPU usage of TruePianos is phenomenal. It's so realistic sounding yet it barely effects my computer. I run a gateway 2.0GHz dual core that isn't even for music so this is a big deal, especially because I only have 2 GB of RAM.

The price is great as well. It's definatly the most cost effective piano vst out there. The sound is even if not better than Alicia's Keys and costs less.

In conclusion, I'd definatly recommend this product if your looking for pianos that fit well with rap, RnB, Rock, etc. Pretty much anything that isn't for movie scorring. I've done piano solos for clients in projects that sound great with this vst. It has enough versatility to fit into pretty much anything but is very simple to operate. The price is great. The sound is great. This vst is great.