Casio PX-320
Casio PX-320

PX-320, Piano Numérico from Casio.

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moosers 12/05/2009

Casio PX-320 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Casio PX-320 is an 88 key digital piano that has a wide array of different tones, songs, and rhythms in its capabilities. It has two 1/4 inch inputs, two 1/4 inch outputs, two 1/4 inch outputs for pedals, a 1/4 inch headphone jack, MIDI connections, and a USB port. It has a few different built in effects including reverb and chorus. It also has built in speakers which definitely come in handy if you only use this within your own home.


Using the Casio PX-320 is very easy and only takes a small amount of time to understand what everything does. Even though this is one of the better sounding and more expensive models that Casio has out right now, their products are still aimed at a group of people who are not professionals and therefore the keyboards are all pretty easy to use, including the PX-320. It is easy to switch between different tones, as well as it is to apply different effects to your chosen patch. Pretty much everything on the PX-320 can be figured out in a sitting or two and for this reason a manual really isn't necessary.


The sound quality of the Casio PX-320 is pretty good and is a lot better than most Casio keyboards out there. Most of the sounds are pretty realistic, and I have mostly used this keyboard for its genuine piano sounds. The effects are also pretty real sounding, with the reverb being a great supplement to add to the acoustic piano tone on this. While I've certainly heard better sounding keyboards, the Casio PX-320 does a great job of emulating instruments and is perfectly suitable for practicing and home use in addition to recording or live shows.


I first used the Casio PX-320 about a year ago and while I've only used it for practicing, I believe it would also be useful for recording or for live shows. Since it is a pretty compact and portable keyboard, it makes for a great choice for live gigs if you are looking for a keyboard that has a variety of good sounds that is easy to bring around. The price of the Casio PX-320 is pretty reasonable, but isn't incredibly cheap like most Casio keyboards, so don't expect a complete steal with this keyboard. Overall, a nice sounding digital piano that is a great all around keyboard.