Technics SX-PC25
Technics SX-PC25

SX-PC25, Piano Numérico from Technics.

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WuTangSht 07/01/2011

Technics SX-PC25 : la opinión de WuTangSht (content in English)

"Amazing sound and experience."

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This great sounding piano Technics SX-PC25 is beautiful, elegant design by Technics to make it look like this and have the beautiful sound it has. This is a full length piano with 7 octaves (88 Keys) and 1/3. It has a MIDI I/O plug for MIDI playing. It has the look of a normal Grand Piano but Technics made it a digital piano with buttons to change its sounds and adjustments but at the same time make it look like a "back in the day" Beethoven Grand Piano. It has a whole library of sounds for you to play with and it offers you a great experience.


The configuration is easy to understand and it was easy to use the MIDI I/O and the other characteristics. It was easy to set up as all you had to was plug it in and play but if you wanted to play with it on the computer, there were a bit more complicated steps than those. The manual was clear and I could get around easily with the Technics SX-PC25.


The sounds of the Technics SX-PC25 are great and they can really become any instrument you want it to be but it's preset sounds of piano are outstanding. The sounds are very realistic and the keys are velocity sensitive. You can play as fast as you want and it sounds perfect. The sustain pedals function really well and they give your piece of work a sweet touch of reverb to make the piece sound as clean and beautiful as possible. The Technics SX-PC25 has great sound effects and controls to make your pieces sound differently but still be top notch. The best sounds in the whole library are the Grand Piano ones since they are the richest sounds a piano can possibly play.


The Technics SX-PC25 is a great, elegant digital piano with the look of an old-school Grand Piano but with the functions of a modern, MIDI keyboard. The keyboard could have a bit more gadgets if it's going to cost what it costs but it's still great for what it is. The value of the price is a bit expensive in my opinion but it's very elegant and useful for people to make music. The sound quality is the best out there and it offers you a lot of sounds. This was my first model and it's fantastic and I'm not thinking of selling or giving it away.