Technics SX-PX205
Technics SX-PX205

SX-PX205, Piano Numérico from Technics.

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content in English
zongora123 29/10/2010

Technics SX-PX205 : la opinión de zongora123 (content in English)


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both + 3 pedals


yes it is




I've bought my piano in 1996 and unfortunately I couldn't use it at that time (loads of other obligations and occupation).
Now, finally 14 later I've started to play on it.
My teacher says that sounds are extremely beautiful and this is a perfect piano.
I've bought it in Luxembourg and the exact price was 160 000 LUX FR, a lot of money at that time I paid for the piano that was exhibited (the price included some reduction for it)
I wonder what other user have as an opinion on this digital piano.

I only hope that it will remain "as perfect" as it is now because as it appears noone produces it any more and I wonder if I had a problem, who might help me then?