Technics SX-PR305/K
Technics SX-PR305/K

SX-PR305/K, Piano Numérico from Technics.

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John-Michael Mahnke 09/09/2014

Technics SX-PR305/K : la opinión de John-Michael Mahnke (content in English)

"I love the Technics PR-305 Digital Piano"

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There are 7 octaves and has 3 pedals.
Key: 88 keys.
Key cover: Sliding plastic, simulated woodgrain.
Touch sense: yes.
Polyphony: 32 notes.
Sounds: 180 instrumental sounds.
84 rhythm patterns.
21 demo songs on it.
Pedal:3 (room, stage, hall - adjustable.)
Brilliance: yes.
Transpose: yes G-C-F#.
Sequencer. yes, 16 tracks.
MIDI: Full Midi capabilities.
Mode set: piano tuning, pitch adjustment.
Others:2 headphone jacks, MIDI.
Misc: LCD Displays.
Output: 50w + 2.
Speakers. 16cm +2, 6.5cm +2. monitor speakers +2.
Weight. 149.9 lbs.
Year, 1995 - current.


yes it`s simple to set up with everything. the manual is clear too.


The sounds on the Technics PR-305 Digital Piano are the truest sounds, the touch and after touch are really good, and the digital effects are wonderful, I like all the sounds on the Technics PR-305 Digital Piano.


What I like most about the Technics PR-305 Digital Piano, is that I can make it sound like a five manual organ by pressing the pipe organ 1 and the brass button, then the sound button, then sound setting then key shift minus 12 or 24 making it 8 cycles per second or 16 cycles per second,making it more fun to play on and making it sound like a big Cathedral Organ, A specially if you hook up a Behringer K3000FX 300 watt amp to it, then pressing the set 1 or so button to store that setting, it`s on the right side right next to the disk drive. You can also master tune the the Technics PR-305 Digital Piano to a song on the radio or television that`s either too sharp or flat to play along with, with the tune and touch button, it`s under the sliding cover in the upper left, right by the disk drive, you press the tune and touch button until you see the master tune press that and you can vary the pitch of the entire Technics PR-305 Digital Piano. The price was pretty good and the sound too. I tried other models and spent a lot of time with them, but liked the Technics PR-305 Digital Piano the best. The digital effects are wonderful. You can look up then Technics PR-305, on how to use it. I would make the same choice buying the Technics PR-305 Digital Piano. Also if the Technics Piano has a distortion, open up the back of the piano, if you see foam lying on the bottom under the speaker, disconnect the speaker cord from the top of the piano right away to avoid damage to the amplifier and power supply, it`s under the Te in Technics on the back of the Technics Piano. You will get the monitor speakers which won`t sound very good, but better, until you put in Clavinova Speakers, which is easy to repair. This is a must have Digital Piano.