Yamaha YPP-55
Yamaha YPP-55

YPP-55, Piano Numérico from Yamaha in the YPP series.

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M Elise 08/12/2008

Yamaha YPP-55 : la opinión de M Elise (content in English)


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This is a relatively inexpensive digital piano with 2 built in speakers. It is no longer made. The construction is solid but light weight. It has line level stereo/mono outputs, midi in/out, damper pedal out, and jacks for two headphones in the front that defeat the built in speakers. Besides the main piano sound it has a few others like organ, harpsichord, choir etc but nothing to get excited about. It has on/off buttons for chorus and reverb effects. It has a built in sequencer that can record 4 separate single track recordings, i.e. it is not multi track. There are 3 levels of touch sensitivity possible.


I'm not a serious piano player so I can't rate this as far as feel goes. I like the fact that this is a basic piano without editing capabilities. The configuration couldn't be easier or more strait forward.


Finding an inexpensive digital piano with a realistic piano sound is quite a chore. The main piano sound is what its all about. I bought this used for $225.00 (discounted for broken headphone jacks) because it sounded more realistic to me than all the others I tried in this price range including some newer Yamaha models. However I wish the damper pedal (which I use a lot) allowed for more of the reverb/ringing effect its supposed to produce. I can't really get the depth and quite the inspiring romantic effect I want out of it. I can get it somewhat but I want more of the atmosphere and I've gotten it out of other digital pianos. This piano sounds more realistic to me than the Yamaha PRS types but less realistic than the awesome old Roland RD 500 I borrowed for a while. These (the Roland) sound and feel great but are a much heavier and more professional and expensive keyboard.


If you want a fairly realistic sounding used or new digital piano for little money this is worth considering but try it first with a damper pedal. The bottom line is everyone has to use their own ears and make the compromise.