Ircam Ircam TS
Ircam Ircam TS

Ircam TS, Pitch Shifter / Time Stretcher from Ircam.

US public price: $249 VAT
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djsovoid 30/05/2014

Ircam Ircam TS : la opinión de djsovoid (content in English)

"ircam ts "

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why would you guys promote a new plugging that visually makes senses.... But when it came down to downloading it was just an allusion to a point that it was cool and worth trying... But then you come across straight bullshit.
Things like use a stand alone version (beta) "FREE" for into the full version comes out witch I'm cool with but maybe it's me..i can't seam to find a way to get the demo! GUYS HELP FIGHT THE BULLSHIT!!!


when i get to find this download the i can replay