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moosers 23/10/2010

Soundtoys Speed : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The SoundToys Speed plug-in is one for high quality pitch and time adjustments. It's an easy to use plug-in using three main modes of processing. I don't own the plug-in myself, so I wasn't involved with the installation of this plug-in, but I've used it a number of times at the studio where I work for doing quick pitch and time adjustments. The three different modes are as follows - a simple mode, with just parameters for setting the amount of time or pitch increase or decrease you'd like, a graphical mode, and a more in depth calculator mode. None of the modes are really too complicated, but I'll usually use the calculator mode because it gives you the most control over the end result. A manual isn't really something that I'd think would be necessary.


The studio that I work at has the SoundToys Speed plug-in running on a few different systems as we've got a few studios on site. The main room that I've been using this plug-in on is the A room which has a Mac Pro computer with a 2.66 Ghz Intel Xeon processor and 10 GB of RAM. It's a Pro Tools HD system and it's more than capable of doing any kind of processing with this plug-in. Pretty much all systems should be able to handle using this in the audio suite...


The SoundToys Speed is a highly effective plug-in for changing the pitch or time of any given signal. It's definitely aimed at those looking to use this to sync up different samples together, but it's use of course spans beyond this. As long as you don't do any crazy jumps in pitch or time, it's usually quite effective and smooth. There are certainly other ways to go about getting this job done, but the SoundToys Speed plug-in is one that gives you all the options you need. The only downfall is the price as I do think it could be a bit cheaper for sure...