Waves Sound Shifter
Waves Sound Shifter

Sound Shifter, Pitch Shifter / Time Stretcher from Waves.

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moosers 20/02/2010

Waves Sound Shifter : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Waves Ltd. Sound Shifter is a pitch shifting plug-in, coming in just about every format of plug-ins available. I didn't have anything to do with the installation portion of using this plug-in as it was already installed on the computer in the recording that I used it at. The interface of the Sound Shifter is very simple to follow. It has parameters for semitones and cents to set how you would like pitch shift your sound, as well as for interval if you want to set it that way. It then has parameters for frequency for both the source and destination. It also has a slider for ratio and a number of different modes to choose from. I've never had a problem using the plug-in, so I don't think a manual is necessary unless you are a beginner or are having technical problems.


In my experience using the Waves Ltd. Sound Shifter I've never had even the slightest issue when it comes to performance. The plug-in is one that won't take up much processing power at all. I've used it in a Pro Tools HD system with an Apple G5 computer, so I can't really say how well it would run in an LE system or something comparable. Having said this, I really don't think anyone will have a problem running it as long as you have a system that you're currently able to run plug-ins on well, as this is one of the least processing power taxing plug-ins that I've used.


Overall, the Waves Ltd. Sound Shifter isn't one of my favorite plug-ins. While it will certainly do as advertised, compared to some of the other pitch shifting and tuning plug-ins out there, this doesn't have much versatility. I would imagine that most users out there looking for a pitch shifting plug-in would like it to also have tuning capabilities, which this one does not. While it does have the high quality of sound that you'd expect from Waves, the versatility is severely lacking and is the main reason that I'd recommend looking elsewhere for a pitch shifting plug-in...