Paiste Signature Power Crash 16''
Paiste Signature Power Crash 16''

Signature Power Crash 16'', Platillo Crash from Paiste in the Signature series.

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sanjuro 07/10/2009

Paiste Signature Power Crash 16'' : la opinión de sanjuro (content in English)


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The Paiste 16'' Power Crash was the first high end cymbal I ever bought.  My drum teacher recommended it, because it was used at the drum store I played at for a cheap price.  I couldn't believe it when I first heard it, it was unlike anything I had heard up till that point and was much better than I thought cymbals could sound. 

The cymbal has the unique paiste coating, creating a bright sound but not too hard/stiff sounding.  The bell is absolutely gorgeous, producing loud, deep knocks.  The crashing ability is great, like the name says, it really does pack power.  I may be a little too much power for certain lighter types of music, and sounds a bit too clean for gritty funk or jazz.  However, when it comes to clear, hard rock or heavier styles this cymbal rocks.  It is on the thick side, so it isn't immediately responsve to light crashing.  When the impact is increased, this cymbals true colors come out and it is a thing to behold.

The Paiste Signature series is great all around, and I have played many of their other cymbals.  My style of playing doesn't match these cymbals particularly well (I prefer darker, dirtier sounds), but I can still appreciate the beautiful sounds they produce.  The other Paiste lines do not even come close to the signature series, in my opinion.  The only drawback to this cymbal is the price.  For a crash, anything over 300 seems like a lot.  These cymbals are some of the finest around, but still they are expensive when compared to other excellent cymbals for less.  That is the one reason why the Power crash 16'' did not recieve a perfect score.