Zildjian A Custom Rezo Crash 20
Zildjian A Custom Rezo Crash 20"

A Custom Rezo Crash 20", Platillo Crash from Zildjian in the A Custom series.

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superapollo 07/10/2008

Zildjian A Custom Rezo Crash 20" : la opinión de superapollo (content in English)


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12 months ago, I had no idea how special this cymbal was. Getting to know the Zildjian 20 inch Rezo is like falling in love with your best friend, it's amazing. I get behind her with full force, or I'll ride her like a ride cymbal. And everything in between. The Rezo for me stand for resolution, or resonator, or you might even say revolution in cymbal making! You are going to find sweet spots all over as she spins around on her stand, and you will learn to control where you smash into her, or find her clink spots towards the top. The Zildjian Rezo compliments my fast crashes well for some extra depth and variety.

Zildjian is my brand for cymbals, and for good reason, all the names on my cymbals match. Not just that though, the quality is epic, the consistency and workmanship of Zildjian is spectacular and she has yet to let me down yet. Thank goodness for the good people at Zildjian.