Zildjian A Medium Crash 18''
Zildjian A Medium Crash 18''

A Medium Crash 18'', Platillo Crash from Zildjian in the A series.

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BGugino 28/07/2008

Zildjian A Medium Crash 18'' : la opinión de BGugino (content in English)


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I was out at my local drum shop the other day and I decided to pick up one of these cymbals. I was impressed that the price was only a little over $200. And being that it was from one of the biggest names in cymbals, I thought I’d pick it up.

I use the 18" crash as my main crash cymbal now. This cymbal blends very nicely with my K crashes. Mine is fairly thick, this thing is loud! A side effect of thick crashes is that these do not respond as fast as A-customs or K's. Being that this cymbal is a fairly thick cymbal, it’s not going to break any time soon. The bell is very strong and has a good reputation of not getting keyhole, (cracks coming from the hole in the center).

The sound is very thick, washy and powerful. It’s got a pretty long sustain, so it will blend with other things, producing a lot of nice overtones. It also has a lot of attack, which is good for any studio drumming, because this thing will cut through the mix! Another thing that I like about this cymbal, is when you’re playing something along the lines of rock music, and you’re almost “riding” the crash cymbal, it doesn’t have too much of a snowball effect; that being that it’s not just going to get louder and louder. It stays at a nice volume the whole time; Very controlled.

Overall, this cymbal is great! It sounds great, is very sturdy and strong, and has the great look of a Zildjian cymbal. I would recommend anyone who just wants a pretty standard “Good” cymbal sound. I think the best type of music that this Medium crash is for would be anything loud. This cymbal is going to cut and sustain. Highly recommended.