Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash 14
Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash 14"

A Custom Fast Crash 14", Platillo Crash from Zildjian in the A Custom series.

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superapollo 07/10/2008

Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash 14" : la opinión de superapollo (content in English)


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The first time 12 months ago, I came quick off a drum roll and laid a little crash from this bad boy at the end, I fell in love. Perfect for those moments of short lived heightened sound during a jam, or recording. I come to her often with a light visit, and once in while for a full blow of crashing glory. I'm not afraid to ride her top once in a while for a different sound for time keeping, I love to explore everything the Zildjian Fast crash can do. And she is full of surprises.
I started piecing my Zildjian cymbal set together, and I like the consistency and quality of the brand. So I shell it out for the good return. I choose Zildjian, because I am product loyal but for good reason. She is a reliable top of the line brand, with a legacy of consistent quality. Crash, I just laid into my Zildian Fast crash out of excitement for the great decision we both made when choosing one another.