Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash 16''
Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash 16''

A Medium Thin Crash 16'', Platillo Crash from Zildjian in the A series.

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moosers 03/01/2011

Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash 16'' : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Zildjian A (Avedis) Medium Thin Crash 16” is a pretty standard sized crash cymbal that’s for use with a full drum set. I’ve recently recorded with this cymbal for a session where the drummer brought it in. It was the only time I’ve used the cymbal thus far, but it seems like it’s a pretty popular cymbal amongst drummers for a number of reasons. Since I wasn’t playing on the session (and I am not primarily a drummer), I can only judge from the sound quality here, but I was really impressive with the cymbal. I like crash cymbals of this size in general as I find them to be just the right size. The Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash 16” in particular cuts through extremely well without being overpowering or too loud as you’ll find with lesser quality crash cymbals. I was recorded with a set of Coles 4038s as overhead mics, which are pretty dark to begin with, and the result to me was a perfect mix and blend with the other cymbals. Zildjian makes crash cymbals like this one of all shapes of sizes, but to me this is one of the best that I’ve used from them. I don’t know how other drummers feel about it, but the drummer who brought it in for the sessions couldn’t say enough and it’s hard to blame him. The price doesn’t make it the cheapest cymbal on the market by a long shot, but as with anything you’re going to have to pay for quality. Also, It’s made by Zildjian so you know you’re getting a sturdy and well made cymbal that should last for a long as you play. I don’t think the picture above it for this cymbal, but anyway it’s always a good idea to check out the particular cymbal you’re buying in person if possible, as all cymbals are slightly different. The Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash 16” is definitely a great cymbal for drummers to be aware of…