Sabian HHX Splash 10
Sabian HHX Splash 10"

HHX Splash 10", Platillo Splash from Sabian in the HHX series.

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Drummerguy 01/04/2008

Sabian HHX Splash 10" : la opinión de Drummerguy (content in English)

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This is a great cymbal with a very balanced sound. I've been playing one of these for about 6 years now- I actually won it as a door prize at a convention and couldn't have been more pleased.

This is a great splash cymbal- it has a very fast attack and gets right out of the way- perfect for a 10 inch cymbal. Its not as bright as a Zildjian A series but comes very close to the darkness of K series Zildjian cymbals.

This cymbal is very thin, which is perfect for a splash cymbal in my eyes. You can really play into it and get a real nice pop at the ictus (attack) of a note- very warm and particularly dark- and then it just gets right out of the way.

I'd recommend pairing this cymbal with any other cymbals from the HHX line or even a thinner ride cymbal. Also, pairing it with another, brighter cymbal would make for a really great effect. I would try an eight inch Zildjian A custom or maybe an eight inch (or possibly six inch?) Sabian AAX.

This splash fits nicely into a jazz fusion context, most any pop context and definitely into most any Funk or R&B setting. Because the attack on this cymbal is so dark, I wouldn't suggest it for louder rock and roll settings, nor would I suggest if for metal or anything heavy, as the warmth of the cymbal blends very well and would not cut through a bunch of heavy distorted guitars.

For the price, this cymbal is unbeatable and sounds as good as, if not better than any of its Zildjian cousins. If you're looking for a general, all purpose splash cymbal then you can't go wrong with a ten inch Sabian HHX splash cymbal.