MOTU MasterWorks Collection
MOTU MasterWorks Collection

MasterWorks Collection, Plug-in MIDI from MOTU.

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mrjason 30/12/2012

MOTU MasterWorks Collection : la opinión de mrjason (content in English)

"Love the Leveler"

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The MOTU MasterWorks collection is a software plug-ins suite that I use in Cubase and Pro Tools. The EQ has 5 bands that you can use to filter with. I love using this EQ because it has presets to give you a vintage analog sound. Sometimes you can just use a preset as it is and make no changes and it will give you a great sound that is ready to be used on your master.


The MasterWorks Leveler is a plug-in that comes in this collection, I prefer to use it more on guitar tracks and maybe even some instruments that are a little more aggressive because this Leveler will just clean everything up and use some minor compression to get it just right. You will also be able to do everything manual on your own if you do not want to use a preset.


The ProVerb is the reverb application that comes with it, and I have many other plug-ins that give better reverb options than this one does so I do not spend much time on it. You can however choose from many presets of different room types like stages, halls, cathedrals and many more. It just reminds me too much of a stand reverb that comes in Ableton Live or Fl Studio. There is just nothing that stands out to me.
Installing the plug-ins that come with this collection does not take long at all and each plug-in is easy to use and no manual is needed. You can use an iLok with this if you choose but you should make sure that you are using OS X 10.5 or higher because my older Macbook could not handle these properly and they gave me issues when installing. But setting them up takes no effort just load up the disk and give it a couple of minutes and you will be using them in no time. The Leveler is by far the best plug-in out of the three.