Apple Magic Mouse
Apple Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse, Pointing Device from Apple.

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BadApple 22/03/2011

Apple Magic Mouse : la opinión de BadApple (content in English)

"Not very nice like most apple gear"

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The apple magic mouse is a wireless mouse with a nice sleek design that is very tempting and makes you want to buy it straight away. I must say though that having got one with my imac it is pretty lame.
The mouse is very slow moving which aggravates me a lot, yes I know that you can turn up the speed on the mouse but it makes it even worse. Also, since it is all packed full of mini 'cool' short cuts that you can do with your fingers by putting them in all kinds of weird positions it is really easy to click a short cut by accident, which in my eyes is very inconvenient and annoying.
The mouse is pretty heavy also which adds to the effort you have to put in moving it, yes it feels sturdy but a light weight mouse is just so much nicer to handle in my opinion.
Also the mouse is bright white, so do not have messy hands when using it or it will be ruined.
As for the price I would say it is a rip off for what it is, but like all apple products they like to charge high so people think they are better than other models which I dislike quite a lot.
Knowing what I do now I would choose to avoid this product, it has too many flaws that definitely out weigh the positives in relation to a mouse, I like mice that are light weight and quite quick across the screen. The magic mouse is the total opposite of what I like so I would not choose this again.
One last thing is, I feel as though having a mouse look nice and performing badly is worse than having a mouse that looks rubbish and performs well.