Line 6 POD
Line 6 POD

POD, Portable Guitar Amp Simulator from Line 6 in the POD Bean series.

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moosers 20/02/2009

Line 6 POD : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Line 6 POD is a portable amplifier simulator with all types of amp modeling capabilities and effects. This is made for guitar, but probably will work with whatever you would like to use it with. It is a digital unit with 1/4 inch inputs and outputs. It is not a rackable unit.


The configuration of this unit is really basic and easy to figure out. It won't take long to figure out what everything does and even though there is a lot that this can do, it is all easy to learn. There are general parameters for output level, drive, bass, middle, treble, channel volume, reverb and effect tweak. Then there are toggle knobs to choose different amp models and various effects. You can also make presets and use the presets they have made. The manual is pretty complete, but I never used it to much for this unit.


The sound quality of this unit is my least favorite part about this. While I find a lot of the effects usable, since it is digital I find the distortions and some of the amp models to be too tinny sounding and not realistic enough for my taste. I have only used this with guitar, as that is what it is made for and thats what I play. I do really like some of the effects like the delay and reverbs, but overall I was disappointed with the overall sound quality from the Line 6 POD.


I've been using the Line 6 POD for about three years. Maybe it was because this unit was hyped up to me, but I'm not a huge fan of this unit. I like that it is an all in one option for guitar amp modeling and effects, but a lot of the sounds are realistic enough for me, especially the overdrives and distortions. The price is quite cheap, which makes it a great option for the beginning guitar player looking to get into using effects and amp modeling, but for the professional, I have found that this is somewhat inadequate. If you want some amp modeling for recording, I would recommend getting some of the Line 6 Amp Farm software, and if you want this for preforming live, just use a real amplifier instead!