Line 6 POD XT
Line 6 POD XT

POD XT, Portable Guitar Amp Simulator from Line 6 in the POD Bean series.

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iamqman 17/03/2011

Line 6 POD XT : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Good intro to POD series"

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I am a little biased towards all things Line6 when it comes to effects units....not amps. I have used the POD live, POD rack mount, and the XT unit. There is a common operation that flows throughout the POD series that makes effect tweaking pretty smooth and effortlessly. Once I got the first POD unit which was the live rig I learned how Line 6 tailored their units. However, this unit flows more line there floor boxes such as the DL4 or FM4. The screen isn't going to be like regular PODs where it is mostly digital screen editing. You do have a solid screen but somewhat limited if you have use the POD Pro products. You will have to twist the knobs and look where you control is to know where your at. The new POD X3 conquers this issue and is more digital screen editing. Even though you have midi capability so if using with a Ground Control Pro or some other floor midi switcher you can set up your chain of effects and click your foot control for quick on the fly present changing.


The sound is great when it comes to the effects and modulation. The amps simulations are pretty terrible. If you are a natural amp distortion or even used to OD pedals then this is pretty pointless. That is the problem with digital amp simulators they never really match up the real thing. So you will be disappointed if you are looking for something to replace an amp or get a Rectifier sound with this unit going into your Fender Hot Rod.

Easy set up ready....just flip the controls and your up and running. The manuals from Line 6 are always helpful. They do a very god job in there instructions showing you how to get the best sound of the gear you are using it with. One of the best in this factor.


I was using this with a Strat and a Les Paul into a Marshall JCM2000 into a vintage Marshall 4x12 with blackbacks. The effects such as delays and choruses sound fantastic! This is where I lived with this unit. Did not even bother with the amp sims. The range of delays, flangers, choruses give you most everything you will use in a recording or live situation. If you rely on mostly effects with your guitar sound then I would recommend then stepping up to an X3 or the POD Live units.


The thing I enjoyed most about this unit was the cool delay and flanger sounds. This is a unit I would use sparingly when I needed to color my natural amp tone with some delays or flanger. I would never use this to get an amp sim or sound that I did not normally have.

The is a great intro to the POD family. They run about $160 in stores and online give or take. For someone who does not use effects that much or someone who would like to get started in the effect tweaking arena who is on a budget I would highly recommend them to this product. You are going to get some great tones to add to your rig for well under what most companies charge for one stomp box.

I think Line 6 is one of the best if not the best companies out there who provide solid effect units for the all-in-one consumer who wants to keep things simple and clean. I would play this unit any day of the week. I don't use too much effects so something like this is perfect for me and it is perfect for home use!