Line 6 POD XT
Line 6 POD XT

POD XT, Portable Guitar Amp Simulator from Line 6 in the POD Bean series.

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Audiofanzine FR 30/12/2010

Line 6 POD XT : la opinión de Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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Originally written by ediman on Audiofanzine FR.

See below
I like the Midi facility because it allows you to connect any Midi foot controller (in my case, a FCB1010).
I miss a line input to add the signal of an MP3 player, and perhaps also an XLR input.


Easy to use as standalone, and even more with GearBox.
Browsing/editing is ok. It's not perfect but decently fast.
The manual is ok...


I play an ESP M-II (with a singing passive pickup). It's fun, especially when you play along with a mix. Otherwise, it cannot replace a real amp with some good stompboxes.
The effects sound good. Just choose the amp modulations you prefer. The EQs are not always very effective, but the drive parameter is.


I've been using it for some months.
I use it with my pop/rock cover band. I plug it directly into the PA system. I find it super practical. But you must spend a lot of time to get your own sounds. The other guitar player in my band plays a Variax system and we get good results. But, once again, it cannot replace a real amp. However, if you play covers, you will be able to get almost the same sound as on the original recordings. Nice!

I also use it for rehearsals with my heavy metal band. I connect it to an amp (H&K Attax 80, first series). Once again, you must spend enough time to adjust the sound. The Pod XT allows you to freely shape your tone when it's connected to a real amp. For the time being, this solution is ok but a good amp would be definitely better.

On the other hand, this product is amazing to record with a computer. The results are convincing: you get a good guitar tone when you play with a pair of headphones (and it allows me to record at 3 AM).

Value for money: good if you buy it second hand... But Line6 developed their product range so that you always have to pay for an additional product if you want to extend the application range. For example:

You have a Pod and it works very well as standalone, but you'll have to buy the VST GearBox to edit your sound later during the mix.

You have a Pod and also need a XLR mic input: you'll have to buy the UX2.

Since the UX2 provides two instrument inputs, you'll think: great, I'll buy a VST GearBox
to play with a friend with two GearBox instances! Wrong: you can use only one instrument input because of the Pad function of the second input! It's a rip-off!

If you need two instrument inputs, you'll have to buy the UX8 or the Pod 3 Pro.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again, but I hope I can have a cellar in the future to play a real tube amp!