Audient MICO
Audient MICO

MICO, Preamplificador de Transistores from Audient.

public price: 479 € +IVA
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stompboxjon 07/01/2013

Audient MICO : la opinión de stompboxjon (content in English)

"The preamps rock!"

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The Audient MICO is a 2 channel mic preamp that is compact and has some really solid features for the price. This would be one of my first options to go with if I was starting my career all over again and wanted a smaller desktop style interface. The sound you can get when recording with the MICO is great, mainly because of the preamps. The preamps are very warm and clean; they are also quiet and will give you about as good of a quality you can get from home (as long as you have a good condenser).


There is phantom power on the MICO but it is switchable, meaning you can turn it on or off depending on if your microphone needs it or not. It also has a -20 dB pad switch and switchable filters for high pass. This interface is built pretty well and seems to be very solid. The knobs and buttons on the front are very well made and it seems to be made out of solid steel.


Getting started with this interface is pretty simple, but if you are a beginner it could be difficult to understand just looking at it for the first time because of all of the buttons for phantom power and filter cuts. But if you glance at the manual you will understand how to use this interface easily and you will start working with both channels quickly (channel 1 and channel 2).


This interface is better than a lot of M Audio desktop interfaces because of the preamps and the overall build of the interface. It is made very well and it is compact. The recording quality is amazing for a interface that is this small. This is the first Audient interface that I have ever used, I am very impressed and I am looking forward to seeing more products from them.