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moosers 30/08/2010

Neve 3115 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Neve 3115's are vintage modules that I'm not sure the origin of. I've used a pair of these racked in a custom casing with it's own power supply and all, making it a self sufficient unit, as is necessary with any module. An outside engineer brought in a pair of these to the studio that I work at for a session that I was assisting on. I don't know what console these are from originally. They won't be rack mountable in a traditional sense, unless you get them put together that way.


If you're familiar with the general configuration of Neve preamps, you shouldn't feel out of place with the 3115. I don't remember the exact make up of this pre, but I remember it being pretty similar to something like a 1073 or a 31102, if my memory serves me right. Either way, if you have experience with channel strips, as you should if you're using one of this caliber, you shouldn't have any issues using it. A manual would most likely be impossible find...


The sound of the Neve 3115 is definitely that of a bona fide Neve. It has a good amount of low mid end presence, and is definitely suitable for recording applications of all types. The EQ sounds awesome and is great for beefing up your sound when needed. On the session that I used these on, we recorded the electric guitars through these to get a different type of sound from that of the console that we were recording everything else with. These are more than adequate modules for recording anything and everything.


While not as popular or readily available as some of the other Neve modules out there, the 3115 is still a great option if you can find them at a decent enough price. While I don't like them as much as something like the 1073, they still sound great and offer up their own color. Not too many people will stumble across these, but if you do, definitely take advantage of their use!