Art Tube MP Project
Art Tube MP Project
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moosers 21/06/2009

Art Tube MP Project : la opinión de moosers (content in English)

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The Art Tube MP Project is a single channel tube based preamplifier.  It is an analog unit that has XLR connections and is powered by the power supply that comes with it.  It isn't in rack form and stands on its own in a box a little less than half the length of a rack space.


The Art Tube MP Project is fairly simple to use and even those with no real recording experience shouldn't have too many problems with it.  The unit has knobs for gain and output levels and then has a series of buttons including ones for +20db gain, low/hi impedance, a filter, phantom power, a limiter, and a phase switch.  The preamp also has a meter that will show you the level of your signal and will also show you when your signal is clipping.  The set up of it is quite basic and unless you really have no experience whatsoever with preamps the manual isn't necessary.


The sound quality of the Art Tube MP Project preamp is actually not bad at all.  While it does have a tube sound, it isn't anything like the high end tube gear, but will stand on its own as a pretty good mic pre.  Like the name states, it is really designed for project studios rather than professionals and this is where it should stay as the sound quality isn't up to par for professionals.  This preamp won't really color your sound, but it does have a certain quality to it that is somewhat unique to itself.  I have used the pre on everything from vocals to electric guitars to drums with good results, but you must keep in mind that it does have its own sound and will really only work best in certain situations. 


For the money, the Art Tube MP Project is a great deal.  If you are a home studio looking to expand your palette in terms of preamps, the Art Tube MP Project can definitely help you do that without spending too much money at all.  However, don't expect to get an immaculate tube sound just because this is a tube powered pre.  It has a good sound but the ceiling is only so high for this unit and I wouldn't ever recommend it to anyone other than a home studio owner looking for a cheap outboard pre.  Overall, this is a great deal for the price, but don't expect the world from it.