Blue Microphones Robbie

Robbie, Preamplificador de Válvulas from Blue Microphones.

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moosers 19/12/2009

Blue Microphones Robbie : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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Blue Robbie is a single channel tube based mic pre amplifier.  Inside of this futuristic looking piece of gear contains a tube, and on the outside it has XLR ins and outs as well has buttons for phantom power, mic/line select, a -20 db pad, and one for phase.  While it definitely has a unique look, the parameters are very familiar.  Blue Robbie isn't in rack mountable form...


As long as you have previous experience with mic pres and know the basic parameters, I don't think that you will have any problems figuring out how to use Blue Robbie.  Everything is easy to understand and there is nothing out of the ordinary going on here.  I haven't seen a manual for this, but will say that unless you have no experience with mic pres you probably don't need to have it.


The overall sound quality of Blue Robbie is very impressive.  I have used this pre to track lead vocals for a few different types of songs and have found that it does its job quite well.  It has a very full sound and while you would expect it to be warmer rather than clean since it is tube based, I would say it is actually clean sounding more than anything else.  I'd definitely recommend experimenting with this as well as I think that it would work well in an endless amount of situations.


While I've only used Blue Robbie a handful of times to record lead vocals, in my time using this pre I've found it to be a great sounding piece of gear.  It isn't hard to use at all and I think that pretty much all users out there will be able to understand how to use everything quickly.  I would recommend the pre to both home and professional studio owners for a variety of reasons, but the main reason being that it is a compact tube pre that has a killer sound.  The price is a perk, but may still be out of reach for smaller home studio owners or those on a smaller budget.  I would say that it would definitely be a good investment for any studio as it offers up an easy to use mic pre with a big sound.