Electrix Mo-FX
Electrix Mo-FX
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moosers 26/01/2009

Electrix Mo-FX : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Electrix Mo FX is a digital multi effects unit. The effects it includes are distortion, flange, tremolo and delay. The effects can be used singularly or they can be mixed and matched together. I believe the connections are XLR and the unit is rackable.


The configuration of the Mo FX is easy to follow and manipulate. The dials and buttons are easy to read and while it takes a bit to figure out exactly what does what, as it is all laid out easy enough. The only reason it takes a bit of getting used to is simply because there are so many different effects and different ways to alter them. I don't have access to a manual but I would think it would be helpful in figuring out all the ins and outs of this model.


I'm really a fan of all of the effects on the Mo FX for various uses on various instruments. My favorite effect is the delay, as it is easy to get a variety of delay sounds from it. I've used it on everything from vocals to guitars and anything else that could use a cool effect or twist to it. You can get a sound anywhere from short, subtle delay to a beautiful, wide, cavernous one. The repeats can get extremely quick and almost crazy sounding. When mixed with some of the other effects it can make for some seriously unique tones. I also like using both the flanger and the tremolo for creating a really thick and wide flange tone or a wobbly tremolo. There are plenty of dials to manipulate each effect to get a real wide variety of sounds for a variety of applications.


I first used the Electrix Mo FX about 3 years ago and while I no longer have access to it, I wish I did. They are even cheap enough where almost any studio owner could own one and it is a great bang for your buck. If you are looking to expand and get some time based effects that are not in plug in form, this is a great model to get started with.