TC Electronic M2000

M2000, Procesador Multi-efectos from TC Electronic.

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JimboSpins 02/01/2013

TC Electronic M2000 : la opinión de JimboSpins (content in English)

"It would be great if it cost less!!"

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The M2000 is simple to operate and you can do some really cool stuff with it. But the price is what throws me off. It cost over a grand and I did not feel like I got a grand worth of effects out of it. It does have some very good effects but there are other similar units that virtually sound the same with the same effects but cost about half the price.


The reverb you can get with this rack is very good, you will have full control over the parameters of whichever effects you choose to use. I love the chorus and the delays a lot because during a live show it is great to use some chorus to beef up the vocals a little bit to make them sound bigger.


There are 250 presets on the M2000 which is a lot but not all of them are that good. The ambiance effects are good for the most part but there are some of them that are not good at all and it almost makes me wonder why they even put them on there. There is also a tap temp button which comes in handy to sync up your clocks if you are in a studio with this rack. It also has XLR, RCA and ¼ input/ output audio connections. The LCD screen is decent but could be a lot better especially when paying this amount of money; it should be a little more vibrant and easy on the eye.


We have also used the pitch effects on the M2000 and they are ok but nothing to get too excited about because I have used better pitch effects on cheaper units. This unit would be worth the buy if it was in the 600 dollar range but because of the cost I do not recommend getting this unless money is not an issue for you.