TC Electronic M300

M300, Procesador Multi-efectos from TC Electronic.

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moosers 18/03/2009

TC Electronic M300 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The TC Electronic M3000 is a digital reverb piece of outboard gear. It has XLR inputs and outputs and is a rackable piece of gear - it will take up a single rack space unit.


The set up of the TC M3000 is pretty basic and is just about as easy as any other piece of equipment like this one. The configuration of the M3000 takes a bit of getting used to, like a lot of these early digital reverb units. It is easy to get your basic sounds, but this has the capability to store and recall presets as well as a slew of other uses that take a bit of getting used to. Since it has a good amount of versatility, it takes a little while to understand how to do everything. For this reason, the manual is a good idea to have around as it is thorough and complete and definitely helpful when learning the TC Electronic M3000.


The effects of the TC Electronic M3000 are about average. They won't blow you away, but they are effective and usable. It has a wide array of reverb sounds and the ability to save your own presets. I like to use this for a quick reverb sound, but it can sometimes get to complicated to get in depth sounds, and I would rather just use a plug-in, as some plug-ins sounds better than this unit in my opinion. I have used this on all types of instruments including lead and back up vocals and electric guitar. This will work with anything you'd like to use reverb with, as it doesn't specifically excel in any situation.


I've been using the TC Electronic M3000 for about a year and have found it to be an effective reverb unit, nothing more and nothing less. I like that it is versatile, but I feel I can get some comparable or better reverb sounds with some plug-ins, like TL Space, which is much easier to use. If you can find one of these used, the price is too expensive to make it worth it in my opinion. This day and age I would recommend getting a nice reverb plug-in unless you are going to go all out and get the absolute best reverb hardware that is available, and this isn't it.