Vestax FDG-1
Vestax FDG-1
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FP User 10/11/2008

Vestax FDG-1 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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Pretty simple.... one input (phono/line), one output, 3 rotary freq. knob kills + 3 instant kill switches, and a bypass switch. that's all....

Price paid


very good sounding unit!!! tho the S/N-R is a bit high (generaly, and compared to a set of EQKillers), the overall sound is very good!!! the boosting of a freq. sound very good (especially the low freq. boost, sound very dynamic and "rounded" and not punchy or harsh), the slope is nice and smooth, with no static noise made by the freq. knobs which are rather big, hence - it is easier to make small adjustments

if you can't use it, ur in the wrong biz :p cos' this unit is as simple as it gets!! manual wasn't needed, and if it was, it was very "skimpish" on the info the unit can be set in a tabletop position, or in a half-rack space (or 19" rack with optional kit)

very well built, weighted a lot more than i expected. the unit is like a small brick! the freq. knobs are super smooth (i even like to turn them just for fun!), but the switches are a bit too short (and i got tiny-girlish palms). like the EQKiller, it too uses an external PSU this unit can take a lot of abuse, and i've seen it been used in one of the best clubs here in Israel (HaOman 17), that's gotta say something about its build

nice unit, i like it... made me consider its bigger brothers (the DCR-1200 and DCR-1200PRO) as a future option.... the build and sound quality is better than the EQKillers, but i still like the EQKiller better since it offers a lot more.

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