Furman PL Plus Serie II
Furman PL Plus Serie II

PL Plus Serie II, Producto Diverso from Furman.

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wwhhhaatt 23/06/2011

Furman PL Plus Serie II : la opinión de wwhhhaatt (content in English)


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1u rack mount casing
8 rear mounted outlets grouped into isolated banks with 3 spaced for wall warts
1 front mounted outlet
pull out lights with dimmer control
rear mounted bnc jack for accessory light with dimmer control and off switch
master power on off switch

I bought this before fully understanding the difference between a power conditioner and a voltage regulator. I was worried about my amp getting irregular voltages from some of the clubs we play and thought this would help keep a consistent amount of power going to my gear. This actually does nothing to regulate voltage and is more of a tough glorified surge protector with some good filtering and spike protection. After reading up on the subject I came to realize that, unless you are spending hundreds of dollars on something like the ar15, you can probably just get by with a quality power strip. Now with that said I still kept the Furman because it does a great job of filtering out bad noise and they have a great reputation for saving your gear from big spikes. It is also built very tough as I have dropped it numerous times and it has not acted up in any way. There was a noticeable decrease in noises coming from my amp once I started using the Furman and bad lighting rigs no longer seemed to add noise to my amp. Like I said you could probably see the same results with a quality power strip that has some decent power filtering. It would cost much less but the convenience of the front and rear lights, the larger spacing between sockets, and the ability to rack mount this make it worth it to me. I am also forgetful and much less likely to leave this behind than a normal power strip.