Hosa LBL505 Console Tape
Hosa LBL505 Console Tape

LBL505 Console Tape, Producto Diverso from Hosa.

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moosers 13/04/2010

Hosa LBL505 Console Tape : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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Hosa's LBL505 Console Tape is simply a roll of a white tape that is designed specifically for labeling your console. It is of the right width and overall size to be taped onto a mixing desk under the faders to label what each channel is on a certain session. This of course isn't necessary with more modern digital boards that have LED screens that say what each track is, but for older desks and even newer ones that don't have this feature, this tapes comes in mighty handy. If you're working a studio where you need console tape to labels the channels, having reliable tape around is a must. Many types of tape won't stick right or aren't the right size, but while you don't necessarily need tape that is specifically designed for a console, it doesn't hurt to be able to get it right the first time with something like the LBL505. This tape is pretty much perfect for labeling any console, as it sticks very well to the board and generally won't come up at all until you do so yourself. I've also found that the tape lasts for a while and can be stored conveniently if you need to rip it off the board and put it back down at a later date - you must do so gently of course, as would be the case with any tape. The Hosa LBL505 Console Tape isn't the only tape that I've used on a console, but it is definitely as good or better than any tape I've used for one. The only bad thing about the LBL505 is that it costs a bit more than what you would pay for tape like this that isn't dubbed console tape. So while this tape will certainly do a great job, you can definitely find the same tape elsewhere at a slightly lower price. Of course we are talking about tape here, so the difference would only be a few dollars anyway...