Shurtape P724 Console Tape
Shurtape P724 Console Tape

P724 Console Tape, Producto Diverso from Shurtape.

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moosers 16/09/2010

Shurtape P724 Console Tape : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Shurtape P724 Console Tape is sturdy tape that, like the name states, is designed for putting on a console. We have this tape at the studio where I work and we use it all the time to label the channels on our Neve console. I don't know if this tape is actually specifically designed for consoles, but I've certainly seen it in a few different studios and seems to be a favorite. In fact, the studio I'm currently working at special orders these in bulk so that we always have it on hand. Regular scotch tape will do the job, but it's nice to have a white background to write on as it makes everything easy to read and nice and clear. Whatever sort of material the Shurtape 724 is made out of, it's definitely sturdier than most other types of tape out there. This is undoubtedly a good, especially when you are writing on it when it's placed on a console that costs a few hundred thousand dollars. It's certainly worth it to invest in some good tape to make sure that no marks get on the console itself, especially with vintage consoles where you want to make sure you keep the value up and keep it in the best condition possible. This is one of the only tapes that I know of specifically that I've used for putting on a console, and this is worth mentioning as you usually wouldn't take note of the type of tape you're using unless it's really good. The price per roll of tape isn't too bad, but it's not like the tape you'll find at your drug store where it would be super cheap. Since we buy it in bulk we do save some money, but it's really not too much if you're just buying a single roll anyway. The bottom line with the Shurtape P724 Console Tape is that you couldn't possibility go wrong with it as it's simply great console tape...