IK Multimedia ARC

ARC, Programa de calibración de monitores from IK Multimedia.

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moosers 01/02/2010

IK Multimedia ARC : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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IK Multimedia's ARC (Advanced Room Correction) System is a unique plug-in designed to solve acoustical problem for mixing.  This means that it aims to make mixing in any room possible, regardless of the acoustic treatment put up.  The software will tune your monitors that you are working on to the room that you are working on it in.  This is a huge breakthrough for home studio owners, as it no longer makes the room a disadvantage.  It takes in an EQ setting for the room that you are using it in and this is reflected through your monitors.  I wasn't involved with the installation of this software as it was already installed on the system that I have used it on.  The interface of the software is pretty user friendly, but I'd recommend having the manual handy at first so you can get all of the features and techniques down.


The system that I have run the IK Multimedia ARC software on is Pro Tools HD based, with an Apple Mac G5 computer.  This isn't the type of software that will take up much processing power at all, so it didn't effect the session that I was using it with in any way.  You only need to have one instance of the software open, so its not even like you could overload your system with this if you wanted to.


For those engineers who work in their home, or in less than ideal acoustical settings, IK Multimedia ARC is a god send.  It is easy to use and does the job very well without hiccups.  The price of the software isn't the cheapest, but considering what it does and how it will help you in the short and long run, I'd say it would definitely be worth it if you are in a situation where something like this is necessary.  As more and more people work out of their home, the chance for error becomes larger when not working in ideal situations, and ARC is a unique tool which can help to do away with these sorts of problems...