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stompboxjon 22/05/2012

PreSonus EyeQ : la opinión de stompboxjon (content in English)

"You must try the eyeQ"

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Presonus’s EyeQ will run great on your system. Its one of the lightest (as far as cpu uses goes) that you will every purchase. Never overlook the power of your eq plug in that you use and most of them that just come with your basic DAW software aren’t powerful enough to really get what you want. You need a high quality EQ plug in to single out those frequencies and get the right / perfect sound you are looking for. You will have no compatibles issues with Presonus EyeQ and no manual will be needed if you understand how to eq then you will be able to use this plug in very quickly.


The Presonus EyeQ seems to be very stable though I haven’t been using it long enough and have only used it on one system it seems to work great. Not too sure how it will old up over time or if it will class with any of my other computers but this far I haven’t had a problem.


Overall, for some reason when I used Presonus EyeQ I get a better mix on my music. I use the EyeQ on several channels to basically eq all of my vocals and instruments and then even use it on my Master channel. Using it multiple times hasn’t done anything out of character to my computer or to the program with cpu usage. It runs great, the price isn’t too bad either and there are other eq’s that cost more and wont give you as good as a result as the Presonus EyeQ will. You will be satisfied with it, I am not sure if they have a trial version of it which I don’t think they do but you will have to buy it to try it. Its defiantly better than the standard eq plug ins that come in most DAW software’s today, so you really cant go wrong with adding this to your arsenal.