Eventide Ultra-Channel
Eventide Ultra-Channel

Ultra-Channel, Programa de franja de canal from Eventide.

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moosers 17/02/2011

Eventide Ultra-Channel : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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Eventide's Ultra-Channel plug-in is one of a number of plug-ins found in the Anthology II bundle. I'm not sure if it's also available on an individual basis, but I'm fairly certain that it's not. The plug-in is really a number of different processors in one, including a gate, compressor, Omnipressor, pitch shifting, stereo delays, and a five band parametric EQ. That's a lot to have all in one place and it's definitely nice to have the option of it. It would take a pretty long time to go in depth with all the different controls available here, but the aforementioned processors should be enough to show you how much is going on here. I don't have the Anthology II bundle running on my home system so I don't know what the installation process is like nor do I know how helpful the manual is or isn't.


There's definitely a lot going on inside the Eventide Ultra-Channel plug-in, so I would think that it takes up at least a decent amount of processing power for a plug-in. It's hard for me to judge because I've only used it in Pro Tools HD environments, as that's what kind of systems we've got at the studio where I work and where I've been using the plug-in. It's always going to be on a case by case basis here, but make sure you have at least a decent system before attempting to run the plug-in.


Overall, I think the Eventide Ultra-Channel plug-in is a really great one. While there are a good amount of multi-processor plug-ins floating about out there, rarely will you find one with this amount of detail and control. You're getting the best of a few different worlds here, as it's awesome that it actually includes in the Omnipressor processor in here as well, which is another plug-in available in the Anthology bundle. Everything in here in terms of processors definitely sounds pretty professional and I can't say enough about having it all in one place. I don't believe that this is available as an individual plug-in, so check out the Anthology bundle if you're at all interested in it.