Waves Jack Joseph Puig Drums
Waves Jack Joseph Puig Drums

Jack Joseph Puig Drums, Programa de franja de canal from Waves in the Jack Joseph Puig series.

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moosers 01/12/2010

Waves Jack Joseph Puig Drums : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Waves Ltd. Jack Joseph Puig Drums is a plug-in that is part of the JJP bundle of plug-ins that are designed in tandem by the Jack Joseph Puig and Waves. It’s part of Waves’ signature line of plug-in bundles, with each of the plug-ins in the bundle being designed for a specific application. This one is of course designed for drums. The interface will provide users with a variety of parameters and controls for drums of all types. There are five buttons for different modes and applications – kick in, kick out, snare top, snare bottom, and toms. It then gives you sliders for attack, sustain, attitude, punch, sub, verb, main level, and master level. There are also knobs for sensitivity of the effect, gate, compression, lows, and highs. I found it easy enough to understand where a manual wasn’t necessary.


The system that I’m currently running the Waves Ltd. Jack Joseph Puig Drums on is my home studio. It consists of Pro Tools 9 and a Digi 002R audio interface, along with a Mac Book Pro computer that has 4 GB of RAM and a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. This is more than enough juice to run this plug-in comfortably in my own experience, as I haven’t experienced any performance issues with it, although I’ve rarely had a need to run more than one or two instances at a time.


Like the other similar plug-ins in the signature series of plug-in bundles from Waves, the Waves Ltd. Jack Joseph Puig Drums is versatile and incredibly flexible, also much like the other plug-ins in the JJP collection of plug-ins. It doesn’t cost too much for the full bundle of JJP plug-ins, with the Drums plug-in in particular being great for all things drums as it’s flexible enough to adapt to all sorts of different situations. It’s got a very clean sound but isn’t as warm sounding as the Kramer Drums plug-in in my opinion. I wouldn’t prefer it over any of the other signature series Drums plug-ins, but it’s still great to have around as it’s got it’s own sound and is great in it’s own way…