Waves Jack Joseph Puig Guitars
Waves Jack Joseph Puig Guitars

Jack Joseph Puig Guitars, Programa de franja de canal from Waves in the Jack Joseph Puig series.

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moosers 18/12/2010

Waves Jack Joseph Puig Guitars : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Waves Ltd. Jack Joseph Puig Guitars plug-in is one of six in JJP's signature series of plug-ins. Obviously, this one is specifically designed for guitars of all types. I installed the plug along with the rest of the full compliment of Waves plug-ins, and this is only available as part of a larger bundle. It's not too hard to get used to using this plug-in, as it shares virtually the same sort of make up as the others in the JJP bundle. Of course the parameters are different, which include modes for clean, rock, R&B, and chug, and sliders for main, edge, warm, sustain, doubler, verb, attack, presence, and master. It also has knobs for sensitivity of the effects, compression, and low and high EQ bands. It's more or less self explanatory, but it does take some use to get understand what each of the sliders will do for you as some of them aren't exactly specific. I'm not sure that the manual would help here, it's just about gaining some experience with it.


I've currently got the Waves Ltd. Jack Joseph Puig Guitars plug-in up and running on my system at home. I haven't used it elsewhere, although I do believe we have it on the systems at the studio where I work. I've only messed around with it to date in Pro Tools 9 which I run with a Digi 002R audio interface. My computer is a Mac Book Pro which consists of 4 GB of RAM and a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. I've only had a need to run one instance of this plug-in at a time, which my system has been able to handle without a problem.


If you're aiming to get quick and easy guitar sounds with a versatile array of parameters and effects all in one place, the Waves Ltd. Jack Joseph Puig Guitars plug-in is going to do that for you. There are a few other plug-ins like this one for guitar that I have that are also Signature Series plug-ins. This is my favorite but it's still very good and can do a serious amount of work for you. It has sounds that are varied and all of a high quality, as you'll find with most Waves plug-ins. I don't know if I like JJP's bundle as much as I do the Kramer or CLA, but before buying any of them it's definitely worth trying all of them including JJP which is quite fine in it's own right.