Sibelius Musition
Sibelius Musition

Musition, Programa Educativo from Sibelius.

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content in English
Azuma 26/02/2013

Sibelius Musition : la opinión de Azuma (content in English)


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The program works on any platform either Windows XP, Windows Seven or MAC OS , so compatibility issues shouldn't be a problem.

The manual included with the program is great , Avid made a well detailed book explaining how the program works , how exactly it's supposed to work and where is he heading.

The general configuration and setup is quite fast , I haven't had any problems with it , and it took me a short amount of time to get it done.

The typical functions are quite easy to access , you have a very straight forward designed window to browser different topics and different exercises.


The software works very good in this configuration , the program itself is very well made and pro.

The gear and software are very stable and works without any crashes or errors.

I've been using Musition for about 1 year now, it's been a great tool to learn even more about music theory but in a more distinctive way , more fun , more easy and way faster.


What I like most about is that is covers multiple topics regarding music theory , it has plenty of exercises that have a certain purpose , to develop a bigger and greater understanding of the relation between chords, notes , scales , tones , rhythm and many other cool topics.

I also do like that you have multiple levels to choose from , and if you've made any mistakes you will get the right answer and think about it , so that way the next time you won't reproduce the same mistake.

The design is also a very wise one , a nice green with white color combined in a very pleasant way to make the learning easier.

Precision of the program is outstanding , I even tested it , it's a very powerful tool once you get the understanding of it.