Dunlop Jazz III
Dunlop Jazz III

Jazz III, Púa/Plectro de Guitarra from Dunlop belonging to the Jazz III model.

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moosers 22/02/2010

Dunlop Jazz III : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Dunlop Jazz 3 guitar picks, are a smaller brand of picks that happen to be my favorite size. Since they discontinued the Everly Jazz Star III picks, I have been playing with the Dunlop Jazz 3s. They are very similar in their feel, the only difference being that the Everly picks have a little star in the middle of them. I've definitely adapted to using the Dunlop Jazz 3s very quickly as they have a great feel and are easy to play with. I don't have the biggest hands in the world, so having a small pick is a real necessity for me. I like it to be a slight extension of my finger, just sticking out enough to strike the string of the guitar. Not only are they the perfect size for me, but they are also the right amount of sturdiness, as they aren't at all flimsy. At the same time, they also aren't too heavy and thick. While I could do it if I had to, I really don't like playing with any other style of pick other than the Jazz ones. Perhaps it is because I've gotten really used to it, but for me there is no better pick. While I do wish that they still made the Everly Jazz IIIs, the Dunlop Jazz 3s are really a fine substitute and I don't see myself playing with any other pick anytime soon. While these aren't the most readily available picks, you can definitely find them in guitar shops that have a larger selection of picks, and certainly online. They are priced the same as just about any other guitar pick, so price should really not be a consideration when it comes to picks. While I can't say that I would necessarily recommend them, as picks are a very personal thing, I will say that a lot of players find these very easy to play with, myself included. If you're thinking that the Dunlop Jazz 3 picks might be a good fit for you, I'd highly encourage you to try playing with one when you get a chance, as they have really worked out great for me...