Dunlop Red Delrin Thumbpick
Dunlop Red Delrin Thumbpick

Red Delrin Thumbpick, Púa/Plectro de Guitarra from Dunlop.

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moosers 16/03/2010

Dunlop Red Delrin Thumbpick : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Dunlop Delrin Thumbpick is a pick that I use with both acoustic guitar and mandolin on occasion when I'm looking to do some finger picking. It isn't a pick that I use all the time, or even all that often, but it is a great pick to have around as it gives me playing options when I want them. The pick fits nicely on my thumb, and it does come in a number of different sizes, so everyone should be able to find one that fits well for them. I don't necessarily find that in general this is the easiest pick to play with, and it does require some practice and some time to get used to it, but in some instances where I'm looking to be able to pick quickly and with my other fingers, this thumbpick does the job perfectly. Like I said, it isn't the type of pick that I use all of the time, but I can definitely see some types of players using this as their main pick. The Delrin Thumbpick is also often used with other steel finger picks, but I don't always use it in tandem with these picks as I'm sure that more people than not do. Either way, it shouldn't make much of a different which thumb pick you choose. When compared to some of the other thumb picks around, I liked this one the best because I felt it was easiest to play when since the pick is generally the biggest of the bunch in terms of thumb picks. Like all plectrums, the Dunlop Delrin Thumbpick isn't expensive, but it will cost you a bit more than a normal pick, which is still really not very much at all. There isn't too much more to say about this thumb pick, but if you're interested I'd simply recommend going to your local guitar store and trying out a bunch to see what works best for you. Just remember to put the Dunlop Delrin Thumbpick in the mix...