Dunlop Ultex Standard 1.14 mm
Dunlop Ultex Standard 1.14 mm

Ultex Standard 1.14 mm, Púa/Plectro de Guitarra from Dunlop belonging to the Ultex Standard model.

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darkwolf291 01/04/2011

Dunlop Ultex Standard 1.14 mm : la opinión de darkwolf291 (content in English)

"Great Picks"

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These picks are great. Fast, Great Grip, and don't rotate while playing. They have a great bounce-back, and don't bend easy (which I like). Nice, crisp attack, and can take abuse very well. These picks last a while. I used to use the standards, then switched to Sharps and I like them better. Much easier to shred with and pick accurately with. I prefer the Ultex material to Tortex. Easier to grip, keep control of, and to keep a hole of so they don't fall in my opinion. I love these picks. I use these mainly for playing Thrash, so they take a lot of abuse. They last a while. They don't break down or wear down easily. They also handle high speed, alt picked riffs and shredding very well. The grip on them is great. They don't slip while playing, and are easy to hold. They're made of a special plastic designed to be flame and solvent resistant. These picks also hold up well when pick scraping. Other picks get notched when you pick scrape a few times. These do, but not as badly as others I've played, which is a big plus for me. The color can make them somewhat hard to find if you drop 'em, but there's nothing you can do about that. As with every pick, you will drop them occasionally. With their opaque yellow color, it can mean a bit of searching to find one, but that's not a real issue with the way the play or how comfy hey are to hold, so I can over look it. All in all, these are, in my opinion, some of the best picks I've tried. I'm never going to another brand of picks again after playing these. Dunlop have, as usual, made some great picks.