Studio Electronics SE-1

SE-1, Rack/Módulo Analógico from Studio Electronics.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Studio Electronics SE-1 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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Knobs... 25 of them Buttons...18... that light up showing that it's on or off.. Patches... 99 in each bank A,B One Output 3 rack space..

800 usd


Easy to make a Ohio Players "Funky worm" style worm. Easy to make a Mini Type bass sound. Easy to sound like a warm analong mono sound... Nice peice of gear.. Just has a higher price of admission for most people.

Very well made... American design at it's best. Built in Cali. For $600 I can send it in and have it upgraded to a new SE-1x. It will buy me more Patch storage and audio (filter) input upgrade as well as a new rack case. I will get that done eventualy and have it come back with a chrome grill.


It's Analog. It's like a Minimoog, but not quite. It's Filters are like a minimoogs but not quite. It's Filters are like a Oberhiem SEM but not quite. It's analog... and it does bass and leads like no other.


It's the host with the most... the bass box with a big ass bottom. A sqweely worm, and ready to lead your track...

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Posted by: kazper ( 7-, 2005)