Waldorf Q Rack
Waldorf Q Rack

Q Rack, Rack/Módulo de Modelización Analógica from Waldorf in the Q series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Waldorf Q Rack : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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Bags of features. Polyphony is enough for me. Sound is basicly same but Q has more DSP-power. There is 3 oscs (max. 5oscs using ALT), 3 LFO's, tons of filters etc. Oscillators sound great and different and you can easily make fat bass sound. You can go grazy with FM (I use a lot), filters and sync-stuff. Effects are good and I find reverb and tempo-delay very useful. There is no huge effected sounds like in Virus and older Novations which I don't like. Easy to ruin your mix. Features 10 points, I wouldn't ask for more.


Years ago I used couple of Micro Q's and I had to get Q because the better interface. I use it in every song. It's so easy to edit. MS2000 and Novation (Super)Nova is in same category but far more limited (great synths tho). Of course Roland JP-80x0 is king of all interfaces.. So interface is great: 9 points.

Metal construction, durable knobs and buttons. Very well made. 10p


Great quality, very musical sounding. Pads are awesome but I use many other sounds too. Lead-sounds are only category I don't find it great for my tastes. I love it over Access Virus C-series which is better for trance IMHO. I'm happy to own both tough. But Q will never leave the studio.. clear 10 points.


I love it over my other equipment... with Studio Electronics ATC-1. It has made right things to my music and inspiration. And it's nice yellow above orange Microwave XT.

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Posted by: deadzone ( 3-, 2006)