Roland JV-1080
Roland JV-1080

JV-1080, Rack/Módulo Digital from Roland in the JV series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Roland JV-1080 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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64 Note polyphony 16 parts multi 4x Expansion slots, 4 layers per voice, 3 effects blocks. Drum Kits = 2 user, 6 presets. 512 sounds in banks A,B,C,GM plus 128 user. For the time this came out it was a well spec Synth module and still is!

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The screen is far too small to edit on but you get use to it after a while. When in Multi mode I found that there is a lot of button pressing just to do very basic things like! sellect parameter button then midi parameter then channel just to sellect a midi channel even although its layed out logicaly at this level. The usability could be worse but then it could be a whole lot better but it is getting old now!


The drum kits are not all that great but when expanded with a card from which there are 19 available they are much better. I found that the sounds are clean and have a good overall dynamic range that fit well with other gear. I dont like the Reverb too much and have always prefered Yamaha effects over roland, that said they sound ok. This sound module has very nice strings and pads and a good overal set of sounds which work well together in a mix. The filters im not to happy with and the same again I much prefer Yamaha filters which sound much more analog sounding.


Its built like a tank just like a tonka toy but a toy it is not! The older gear was made better built they seemed and this module is a very good exsample.

Im still using it on all my tracks mainly drums from the techno expansion board and pads. This is a good allround synth and sits well with other gear in the rack. I dont think I would sell this other than maybe for a Yamaha CS6XR but both would be nice.

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