Roland XV-3080
Roland XV-3080

XV-3080, Rack/Módulo Digital from Roland.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Roland XV-3080 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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Could have used an arpeggio, and 4 SRX boards and 2 JV boards instead of 4 JV's and 2 SRX's.

$1000 NEW


Dead easy to use.

Never gigged with it, never had any problems.


Amazing. If you're into Pop/R&B, Roland is your manufacturer. You'll know 200 of the 1000+ patches easily. The new reverb unit is tops, makes the pianos and strings that much more usable. One thing Roland always did the best was make soudns that just sit in a mix perfect w/o tweaking.


If I lost it, I'd buy a 5080 probably, only because the 3080 is out of production. this is my primary sound module for all my hiphop/r&b/poppy tracks. If you add in all 6 boards, + all soundbanks on the memory card, you can probably have 4000+ sounds on this badboy at your beckoned call. Can't beat that :-D

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