Apple Ipod 80go Black
Apple Ipod 80go Black

Ipod 80go Black, Reproductor Portátil de MP3 from Apple in the iPod series.

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moosers 26/02/2009

Apple Ipod 80go Black : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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I've had my Apple 80 GB iPod Black for about two years. I'm sure that know a bit about this as they have really become ubiquitous. Just about everyone in the modern world has an iPod these days and you can't blame them, as they are cheaper than ever with the ability to have your entire music library on a single, hand held device. This model has 80 GB, which is enough for most people out there. I use my iPod all over the place, including in my car and walking, and probably couldn't live without it at this point. This version has a clean looking screen and it extremely easy to navigate between screens. Beyond playing music, it has the capabilities to play video and show pictures. Since I got mine refurbished, I got this at a real cheap price, but even if you buy one new, you're getting a great deal. Apple is one of the top innovators in technology like this and the iPod is their signature device. While there are a bunch of different portable mp3 players on the market that will do pretty much the same thing, to me it was worth it to get the iPod because of its compatibility with iTunes and my Apple Mac Book Pro. I also really like the lay out, as it is extremely easy to use and easy to update with my computer. The Apple iPod is no doubt the industries leading portable mp3 player and has achieved that status for a reason. While they can break down, if you treat it right you should be okay and Apple usually has a decent return procedure. This being said, they are mass produced and it is inevitable that some people will have a problem or two with their iPods, it has just become expected. If you are reading this you probably should check out this iPod for yourself!