Malekko Chicklet
Malekko Chicklet
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moosers 11/08/2010

Malekko Chicklet : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Malekko Heavy Industry Chicklet Reverb is a super slim guitar effects pedal. It's definitely the smallest reverb pedal I've seen, hence the name "chicklet." I guess there are a few different pedals of this size in this series, but to date the only one I've used is the Chicklet Reverb. The pedal has a standard 1/4" input and output as requires power from a nine volt power supply. It isn't going to be rack mountable since it's a pedal.


Using Malekko Heavy Industry Chicklet Reverb is really easy no matter what sort of background you have when it comes to pedals and reverb in general. The two parameters that are found on the Chicklet Reverb control your mix level and dwell, which is essentially your decay or how long the effect will last for. Since that's all there is to using the pedal, a manual shouldn't be necessary.


A client recently brought in the Malekko Heavy Industry Chicklet Reverb in his guitar rig, so while I don't an in depth account with the Chicklet Reverb, I've heard it and seen it used enough that I know exactly what it can do. For starters, it's got a very realistic sounding reverb, although there isn't very much room for tweaking. It's great for getting a quick and simple reverb sound, but this isn't going to be as versatile as many of the modern reverb pedals are today. I guess you wouldn't expect too much on that front however, considering how small of a pedal it is. It does have an overall rich sound to it, although I'm not sure what type of reverb exactly they are trying to emulate. A great feature of the pedal is that it will continue with it's decay even after you turn the pedal off, so you won't lose that trail if you want to disengage the effect at the end of a lick or something.


Malekko Heavy Industry's Chicklet Reverb is a nifty little pedal that is smaller than most pedals out there that I've seen. It has a very good sound quality, but since it doesn't have that many options it is somewhat limited in the sounds it can achieve. The price also isn't the cheapest for a pedal of this size and with this flexibility, but it isn't too expensive where everyone wouldn't be able to get it if they wanted a reverb pedal. Personally, while I like this pedal a lot, if I'm going to be spending over $100 USD on a reverb pedal, I'd go with something with a bit more options...